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About Us

Have Fun With Our Product:  Our "Funny Money" Bills are sold as novelty items for enjoyment purposes. You can use them for many things:

  • Give a waitress a One Million Dollar bill as a tip and watch her expression
  • Give a themed bill to that special someone, such as the Mother's Day bill to that special mother-in-law!
  • Show your appreciation to a military veteran by giving them one of our Armed Services Honorary bills.
  • Use our bills as sales tools. Your customers will remember you more if you give them a special commemorative bill with your business card - much more than by a business card alone.
  • Use our collectible notes as teaching aides to home-schooled children. Each themed bill tells its own story.
  • Fund raising events - buy our bills in quantity and resell them for $1.00 each to raise money for your school, your volunteer fire department, your library, your soccer club, for just about anything! Profits can easily be more than 500%!
  • Sell them in your gift shop or other business to increase profits!
  • Enclose a bill in an order shipped to your customer as a novel way to show your appreciation.
  • Frame a bill of special interest and hang it on your wall.
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